Orienteering Clinic with Bruce Moore

This winter, Jeanette convinced me to sign up for the Mad Otter Adventure Race - 6 hours of orienteering with a trail race and points and checkpoints and a compass and a map. What did I get myself into? I was excited to try something new, but really felt out of my element. Luckily Jeanette had done races like this before - several with her husband. She talked to Bruce Moore, the race director, about setting up a training clinic for us. I was so relieved!

We met Bruce at Otter Creek on a Saturday afternoon, May 13, one week before the race.

Entry tickets to the park are $3

Me, Bruce, and Jeanette studying maps and learning the symbols and how to use a compass

Jeanette's first assignment was to find a point on the map off the trail, using the compass and contours. 

Jeanette and I truly enjoying the day!

My turn to do an assignment and find something in the woods. Here I am "thumbing the map" to keep my place while we run/walk. 

Bruce digging for gear in his backpack.

Running toward the end point at the end of the clinic.

Me, Bruce, and Jeanette saying goodbye and thanks!
It was a great day and Jeanette and I were both much more comfortable in the woods with a map and compass after this training clinic. We felt well prepared for the Mad Otter the next weekend!


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