Lake Martin 100 - Pre-race Report

My youngest daughter is 5, and got this book for Christmas. It's about what happens to Humpty Dumpty after he falls. My daughter wants me to read this book to her every night. And every time she hands it to me, she says that I am like Humpty with my broken rib. Humpty is scared to climb the wall again because of his fall, and parts of him are broken that are not fixable with tape or glue. He tries some other stuff, but ultimately, he misses his wall and decides he needs to climb it again. And then he hatches into a bird and flies!

Time has passed quickly, and winter is now almost over. It's been almost 10 weeks since the bike accident and broken rib. My winter was filled with a different kind of training than I planned, and I found time for a different kind of reflection in between weeks when I couldn't get out onto the trails. I learned things about myself. But I am always learning.

I'm back up and going again now. Slowly increasing mileage and getting myself out, setting new routines and looking at my goals for the spring and beyond. This week I finally got to trail run. Three times! It felt like home. I'm feeling somewhat emotional because I have missed it so much. And just 5 more days before I leave to go to Alabama with Jeanette to support her for the 100-miler. Her husband and another friend Jenn are also going to crew, and we are going to have a blast. I don't have a 100-miler on my agenda this year, at the moment, and I'm only a little bit sad that I'm not running this one (I have to keep it real).

I am so excited for Jeanette! She has trained thoroughly and has been dedicated to each step of this process. She has planned everything out, made all of her packing lists, we (as crew) have also planned our food and packing lists, and in just a few more days we will be on the road together, excitedly chatting about all things 100-milers! Jeanette approaches everything with optimism, realism, and hope. I know she's got this, and I can't wait to be there with her through every high and low. Let's do this!


  1. 5 year olds have alot to teach us.
    "Spread your wings. It's time to fly. Make the leap. Own the Sky."


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