Celebrating A Friend's Birthday

Early in July, my friend Amy had been planning to run a marathon for her 44th birthday. It would be her first marathon, and she trained with me and even let me help plan some of it! We had such a fun day with various meetup opportunities so as many people could join as wanted. I enjoyed sweeping the first 10 miles, running back and forth between groups and getting some extra mileage that way. Then I was pretty far behind Amy and was determined to catch up. So I ran my butt off. I made a guess of where I might catch her and enjoyed working hard to catch up and having some trail time to myself. I was able to hear her calling back to me at the exact spot where I thought I could catch up. I was super psyched that we were close! I was relieved when I did finally catch up to her and have some company for awhile. I was feeling great, and she was in top form. We got back down to the Welcome Center and met up with family and friends who did the final 5 miles with us. And the finish was really great! It was like finishing a large race with spectators and a ribbon to cross and balloons and cheering and a beer in my hand. Plus, my husband and 3 kids were there at the finish and that was the best thing ever!

I didn't feel super great at the end. I was lightheaded and felt like puking. But I ate a little food and drank an electrolyte replacer and started to perk up and then was able to enjoy the party.

Waiting at the first intersection for part of the group
Runners on Yost
Navigating a downed tree on Holsclaw Hill loop
Finally! I caught up to these two!
I love when family and friends joined us for the last 5 miles!
Psyched to be tackling trails together early in the morning.
Stuck at a downed tree, looking for the trail!
Happy Birthday to Amy!

Amy's support crew at the finish line!


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