Some Storms You Can't Run Through

I had the most amazing time in Costa Rica last week with my mom. So much fun. We laid in bed awake together the first night listening to the loudest and longest fireworks display we didn't even see, to bring in the new year. The next morning we got up early, had some breakfast, and headed to the meetup spot for our Backroads Multisport Tour. I was so excited to see what this kind of tour would be like! And we had the best time! The group we were with was awesome. Our tour guides were great. The land was beautiful. The weather was...not so beautiful. It rained a lot. But that didn't make us enjoy the trip less. We got to hike, bike, explore, raft, swim, sit in a hot tub, sit in hot springs, fish, read, and talk. My mom is really very cool and fun to be with. I am so lucky.

I had one unfortunate moment on the trip. On the second day, I ended my second bikeride in the rain and I failed to unclip my shoes in time before I fell onto the handlebars as they turned sideways. I am badly bruised, but worse, I have a broken rib. I can't run. I'm in a lot of pain. I did my best not to let the pain ruin any of the trip, but I had to face some tough choices. And think about my race coming up. 

My spring race, my A goal, my first 100 miler. I already had lost a few weeks of good training because our family (4 of the 5 of us, including me) got a horrible flu-like virus. I'm still coughing, too. I'll have to let my rib heal and my cough go away. I can't run right now or for another 4-6 weeks at least, and in reviewing the training plan and my options, it would not be smart to attempt this type of distance with this loss in training. I am in the process of regrouping and shifting my plans for 2018. 

Until then, this is one of those storms I have to wait out. 


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